Butternut Squash Spaghetti alla Carbonara

When Casey and I visited Italy on our Honeymoon my very favorite part of the trip was–you guessed it–the food!!! One night in Rome we dined at this hole in the wall restaurant with no tourists in sight (well, except us). We ordered course by course because we were taking our time and really enjoying … Continue reading

Asian Chicken Salad

This is one of those meals that is just oh so absolutely perfect for a weeknight. It tastes no time to put together, especially if you used already cooked chicken. I put together the entire meal start-to-finish in about 30 minutes. Week night SCORE. This salad is packed full of produce and super healthy, but … Continue reading

The Best Baked Salmon

I realize that title is a little bit overconfident. But I promise you, this salmon is THE BEST EVER. My step mom is an absolutely amazing cook, and salmon is her specialty. This salmon is adapted from her recipe. ¬†While no salmon I make will ever be remotely as good as my step mom’s (I … Continue reading

Pecan, Almond, and Walnut Coconut-Maple Granola

The only issue with cooking something really delicious is that it can be near impossible to stop “tasting” that really delicious creation. This granola was impossible to stop munching on. I have been switching back and forth between eating plain greek yogurt mixed with granola in the morning and my usual oatmeal. I wanted to … Continue reading